Jasmina Pilasanovic
Psychoanalytic PsychotherapyParent-Infant PsychotherapyDevelopmental and Parenting Counselling

I provide individual therapy for youth and adults.

Regardless of age, we all face difficult situations that feel out of our control; experience uncertainty, confusion, or unbearable feelings and thoughts about ourselves and others. 
In the therapeutic space with me, you may find the confidence to genuinely be, and the capacity to deal with the unknown, or with unpleasant and, at times, unbearable feelings. As a result you may find yourself playing and working in the world outside of the therapeutic room and feel good about it.

You may want to take action to stop feeling like your life is unfolding out of your control. You may choose to look at your past, or in the “mirror of today” and think of the attachments, hurts, losses and regrets, but also good laughs. You may examine times of pride that lacked a witness or a reflection: so that you can find a way to move on, to feel competent and contained.
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