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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy:

Regardless of age, we face difficult situations that feel out of our hand, uncertainties, confusion or unbearable feelings and thoughts of self, others.

Some may want to take time to stop their quickly unfolding lives for a moment,  look behind  or in the “mirror of today” and think of the life story already lived, attachments, hurts, losses, separations, shame, guilt, regrets, sorrows never fully experienced and accepted, but also good laughs, and times of pride that missed a witness or a reflection.

We may experience deep feelings of loneliness and disconnection, sleepless nights and eating problems, chest pains, and painful and tired body, panic attacks, head and stomach pains, troubles concentrating and remembering, irritability and at times rage, deep sadness and emptiness. We may feel unloved, misunderstood.

Being in an individual therapy that gently helps your ways of wondering about self and relationships important to you may be the best way to work on issues. While building your feeling of safety in the therapeutic relationship with me, and your confidence to genuinely be, you may find yourself to play and work  in the world outside of the therapeutic room and feel good about it.

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Parent-Infant Psychotherapy:

What we may consider to be our most important relationship will vary. I believe relationships are better if we can actively engage in working on them from the very start especially if this involves an infant or a small child.

Infants and children are wired to focus on relationships with their caregivers. Early in life, they put all their effort in making sure those relationships provide them with safety, care they need, consistency, closeness, stimulation and calm. At the same token their caregivers will try their best to develop a relationship they consider right with their infants/children from the start.

In many occasions the way we were raised, the life situation we are in, the way we relate to ourselves, and issues related to the infants’ early relational experiences and development may prove to be in the way of developing a healthy relationship with our child from the beginning. 

Feeling of security in early infant-caregiver relationships is directly related to overall health, mental health later in life and important capacity to play, learn, make friendships, love, and feel safe. Lack of it is directly related to illnesses such as heart diseases, diabetes II,  mental health issues and many issues related to relationships with others.

You and your infant/child may benefit from this gentle and non-intrusive intervention.

Anyone in the role of parenting, foster parenting or care-giving an infant/child who is looking for supports to develop a healthy relationship with their children will find benefits with Watch Wait and Wonder child lead psychotherapy.

A feeling of competence and satisfaction in a relationship with your children is proven to support a positive outlook and feelings of competence in other areas of life. 

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with your child.

Developmental and Parenting Counselling:

I provide developmental and parenting counselling and consultations.

Some examples of the families I have been working with:

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