Jasmina Pilasanovic
Psychoanalytic PsychotherapyParent-Infant PsychotherapyDevelopmental and Parenting Counselling

I provide a respectful and safe environment that, at times, may feel like emotional “holding”, while you find ways to be with your thoughts and feelings, to feel more authentic in your mind, able to play more creatively and feel more spontaneously when you are with important others in your life outside the therapeutic room.
My work is guided by contemporary psychoanalytic, attachment and human development theories and clinical practice. I respectfully use the wisdom of my 20 years of experience working with infants/children and their parents, and with teens and adults who turned to me when they were feeling psychologically and relationally stuck. 
My work is solidly based on my past and continuing education:

Postgraduate Degree in Social Work from Windsor University
Fellowship Program at the Toronto Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Toronto
Intensive Parent-Infant Dyadic Psychotherapy Training, Toronto
Undergraduate Degree in Education and Rehabilitation (Special Needs), Belgrade 

In addition to my formal education, the clinical consultations, supervision and advice I have received from experienced colleagues (social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists) provides me with a richness of knowledge and an excellent support network. 
Feel free to contact me to talk about the possibility of working together to reach your goals.

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